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Acupuncture for Chronic Pain
What Clients Are Saying

Chronic Hip Pain

"Samantha has provided relief from chronic hip pain using both acupuncture and yoga therapy. These treatments have been more effective than both the acupuncture and osteopathy treatments I previously tried. 

I have full confidence in Samantha's abilities to discern and treat sources of chronic pain. She practices with keen focus and patience while also taking the time to teach body awareness and anatomy so that I can learn and participate in my own healing process. She has amazing skills.”
-Mary C., MBSR Trainer, San Francisco

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, & 
Post-Concussion Syndrome

“This is an amazingly effective treatment for me….Fibromyalgia pain doesn’t come so often and is less in its intensity when it does. Samantha’s breadth and depth of knowledge is indeed impressive and very helpful to me.... I have much gratitude to be in treatment with someone who is so kind, knowledgeable and skillful. “
-Lee L, PhD, Psychotherapist, San Francisco

Foot Pain - Plantar Fasciitis

"I saw 3 podiatrists and tried every expensive & inconvenient treatment for plantar fasciitis without success. After a series of weekly acupuncture treatments with Samantha, my plantar fasciitis is cured. Samantha is a knowledgeable, professional & a gifted healer."
-Deirdre, Retired Speech Therapist, San Francisco

Low Back Pain and Hand and Arm Pain

“…I have been low back pain free for over one year now…. I received restoration of my spine and legs to their normal balance in two efficient sessions of treatment [with yoga therapy].…”

“…[For hand and arm pain due to a repetitive stress injury], Samantha employed a high art version of Japanese acupuncture to diagnose and treat me…. she used subtle Yogic and acupuncture techniques combined with my interactive participation, to discover the correct inflexions of my pain…. This in the end was the precise, and I believe critical, technique required in order for me to be successfully and correctly treated. She applied Japanese gold needles to correlating meridians and inter-meridian channels. 

My pain was quickly dampened and has not recurred since. I consider this to be nothing short of miraculous. 

When I asked Samantha how it could be that she should be able to treat my pain even when others around me could not, she explained to me principles of integrative acupuncture and Yoga. The restorative treatment depended on my individual place and balance within the elements of fire, wood, earth, metal, water. 

I believe that Samantha's mindful practice of holistic acupuncture and Yoga is effective because she recognizes that health and vitality are immanent as human beings. Her practice opens the correct door to show us the path to that wellness.”
-Omondi Nyong’o, MD, Opthalmologist, San Francisco

Low Back Pain, Sciatica Cleared With One Treatment

Over the past several years Samantha's special kind of acupuncture has healed numerous ongoing health problems for me quickly, including: lower back pain, sciatica, insomnia and digestion, among other ailments with which I had previous unsuccessful treatments from prior practitioners. In several situations my symptoms were cleared with one treatment, such as sciatica & lower back pain. Numerous other symptoms were cleared with just two treatments!

Anyone lucky enough to be treated by Samantha will benefit greatly , not only in their health, but in their overall understanding of how the mind, body and spirit requires regular and supportive guidance from a sensitive expert.

Samantha possess a very special combination of elements including a wonderful demeanor, special attentiveness, superb expertise along with great intuition & insight. She is a master on many levels as well as a practitioner, advisor, therapist and overall guiding light.

I highly recommend her services to any individual who is in need of new ways of approaching the improvement of their overall health and well-being.

In deep appreciation & respect, Ray Davi, Coach and Author, Carmel, CA

Acupuncture is Safe and Effective for Pain

When in pain, many people are prescribed medications, given steroid injections, or consider surgery. But these approaches all bring the risk of potentially serious side effects that may not justify the potential benefits. Medications can have dangerous side effects, especially when taken long term to manage chronic pain. 

Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for pain that works by increasing the efficiency of the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Acupuncture increases circulation and reduces inflammation so that tissues and muscles can heal.
The Secret to Healing Chronic Pain

Why do some people heal and recover, and others don’t?

If you have old injuries, accidents, or infections that were never fully healed, this can create blockages and weaknesses in your energy system that can impair your body’s self-healing mechanisms. 

Periods of very high stress and emotional shocks can leave stress stuck in your energy system in the form of weaknesses and blockages. 

It may seem for a time that you have recovered and are doing fine, but then the next time you are challenged by an injury or illness, your system is impaired and is no longer able to recover on its own. 

I practice an unusual style of acupuncture that can identify and remove these stresses, blockages and weaknesses, so that your energy system can regain the full strength of its self-healing mechanisms.

When your body gets this kind of help, your innate healing mechanisms can start to do what they are supposed to do - naturally work to restore your state of balance, well-being and vitality. 
Why This Kind of Acupuncture is Different

Trained and licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I practice a powerful style of Japanese acupuncture. This extraordinary style of acupuncture works on deep levels of a person's energetic structure to facilitate healing.

I use a style of acupuncture that allows me to check and verify that your acupuncture treatment is making significant changes in your body during the treatment, to ensure that the treatment is having a strong and beneficial therapeutic effect.  

​This checking method is more time-intensive than other styles of acupuncture, but the results are well worth the extra time and attention that the treatment requires. 

What Clients Are Saying

"I saw 3 podiatrists and tried every expensive & inconvenient treatment for plantar fasciitis without success. After a series of weekly acupuncture treatments with Samantha, my plantar fasciitis is cured.” - Deirdre

"Samantha has provided relief from chronic hip pain using both acupuncture and yoga therapy. These treatments have been more effective than both the acupuncture and osteopathy treatments I previously tried.” -Mary

“I had tried everything from medications, to massage, to dental appliances, and nothing worked. Samantha was able to eliminate my acute pain and heal my jaw and neck using acupuncture. " -Trent

We Work Together to Help You Heal 

We work together to create a healing regimen of treatments and self-care that may include acupuncture, yoga therapy, essential oils, diet and nutrition, meditation, and exercise.  

My holistic approach takes into account every part of your life that can be causing your pain: past injuries, current activity level, stress levels, and your emotional life. 

We will create your healing regimen starting on your first visit. 

If your chronic pain is related to posture or movement patterns, then we start with 4 to 6 weekly Yoga Therapy sessions. 

You will learn a therapeutic home Yoga Therapy sequence that will jumpstart your self-healing process. 

Yoga Therapy sessions may include postural alignment, a home yoga therapy practice sequence, self-massage techniques, and yoga therapy poses you can do during your workday. 

While you continue to self-heal with your Yoga Therapy program, you begin a course of regular acupuncture treatments with me. 

We check in at each visit to assess your progress toward your goals for your well-being, adjusting your healing regimen as necessary. 

I will be your partner in healing as we transform your health and increase your well-being. 

​Restoring the body's innate systems to a state of balance and well-being is something we do together, therefore, my intention is to be a careful and compassionate facilitator for your own unique and particular process of healing.

I look forward to working with you to create the conditions for your body and mind to truly thrive!​

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